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The ABC’s of getting funded are:

Asset Based 

Business Revenue Based 

Credit Based

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Personal Products & Services:

Mortgages – NY, FL, NC
Pool Cover Financing
Credit Monitoring- IdentityQ
DIY Credit Restoration
Virtual Tax Preparation

Pre-approval within 24-72 hours
Fund 1-7 days
Work with Nationwide and International Lenders
Direct Lender for Automatic Pool Cover Industry
Fund in USA and Canada, Foreign Nationals OK
Flexible loan terms 6 months up to 5 years
LTV 60-75%, some up to 90-100%
Rates 6-12%
Loan amounts $25,000 – $50,000,000+
Collateral : real estate, fixed or other liquid assests
Credit as low as 580, Some products require 700+
Mortgages 10,15,30 year terms
1-5% origination fees
1st & 2nd position

Tell Me More About 1st4Financial

1st4Financial is located out of the Finger Lakes Region of upstate NY, who has been in business for nearly 5 years but helping thousands of USA businesses get the business funding and services they need through different consulting and funding options. It is a division of CJC Judgment and Paralegal services headed up by Owner Christa Centolella with over 30 years of experience in the legal, financial and entertainment marketing industries.

What makes 1st4Financial different from their competitors?

They get you the best solution at the best rate. They will work with businesses who may not qualify for funding immediately with action plans, educational financial products and legal and business consulting services to help them qualify in the future. They provide tailored solutions to the business professional’s needs. That way it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Most companies say “…you don’t qualify, come back when you do.”

1st4Financial says “Stick around, let’s see how we can make this happen together!”

​Christa and her team of agents works with each business carefully to find all solutions possible. They take a custom tailored approach to each an every business, enterprise or individual they work with based on their needs.

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Partners & Affiliates

1st4Financial believes that setting a solid foundation is half the battle to financial success in the future.

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“Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the business community.”

Christa Centolella, Owner of CJC Judgment and Paralegal Services-1st4Financial, would like to invite you personally to a special “get to know you” session in hopes to introduce her company to you, the services and products she offers and show you how CJC is helping people and business owners improve their business and finances by getting them the information they need to be successful in their life both personally and professionally.

You can choose to  attend a “online webinar “,  attend a private “meet-n-greet” or at one of the live seminars.

Sessions taking place at different times and different places to accommodate busy and demanding schedules.

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Clean Up your Credit the right way…..

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We educate you on the real scoop and help you clean up your credit portfolios to get you results you need… there is no quick fix but understanding the special process and the right words to use is key!