Meet The Owner


Christa Centolella--- Entrepreneur, Paralegal & MLO


Sometimes, consulting with or  hiring-a lawyer is not an option. And deserving people shouldn't have to give up their rights simply because they can't afford legal counsel. That's why CJC Judgment & Paralegal Services exists. Their assistance has helped numerous clients  navigate the complexities of judgment enforcement, legal contracts, process serving, small business loans, and much more. Founder Christa Centolella is an independent paralegal, a notary, and the former CEO of a Music Distribution and Marketing company. She created CJC to provide support to attorneys, businesses and the general public. As a Certified Paralegal, Investigative Specialist, Judgment Enforcer, Signing Agent and a Business Financing Agent she has an extensive wealth of legal and financial knowledge to her credit, and she's been practicing in and out of law firms since 2006.

What kind of aid can paralegals offer their clients? For one thing, because they work closely with attorneys, paralegals have first hand experience with many proceedings, both in the courtroom and behind the scenes. They can help with  business issues, background checks, audits, case research, credit and financial issues, communication and negotiation and a host of other legal processes. An independent paralegal works solely for him or herself, which means that they're free to work with anyone of their choice. Best of all, their services are can actually be monetarily feasible for those on a tight budget.

Christa's Vision:


*provide support services to those who can't afford or access traditional legal services;

*to support attorneys and other legal professionals with their in-house legal practice needs;

*to assist small businesses and companies with their everyday business and funding needs.

* To educate the individual with legal knowledge and the understanding on how to protect themselves legally and financially through personalized service and products.​

* To help build capacity in individuals to maximize their whole being to the better of our communities, schools and children.

Christa J Centolella is the Owner of CJC Judgment and Paralegal Services

Christa J Centolella is the Owner of CJC Judgment and Paralegal Services