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Debt Collection

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Don't just write off bad debt you have not been successful to collect on. There are effective and creative ways to get the money that is due to you. We have the knowledge and skills to negotiate and get those funds for you. Let us help, you'll be glad you did!

Steps for success:

1. Call the customer and attempt to resolve. No response?

2. Send letter - regular mail and certified.

3. Still nothing? Call CJC !

 CJC is a debt collection agency

 CJC is a debt collection agency 

Be in the know...


The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates both debt collectors who contact you on behalf of your creditor and debt collectors who contact you because they have purchased your defaulted account from the original creditor (or another debt collector) and are now trying to collect from you.  Law firms who regularly work on debt collection actions are also governed by the FDCPA.

In addition, all debt collectors operating in New York, whether acting on behalf of a third party or on behalf of themselves, are required to follow New York State law (Article 29-H of the General Business Law) governing debt collection practices.  

Both federal and state laws regulate and restrict various debt collection practices.