Below Are Some Questions People Ask:


How do I work with you?

We work with you in person (when able to), over the phone, video conferencing, by email and utilize secure file transfers. We protect you and your information, that's important to us!

To qualify, what information do you need from me?

Each program we have available has its own criteria of qualifying. To help you get the process ready, the following documents may be asked for: last 2 years business and/or personal tax returns, last 6 months of business bank statements, other proof of income,  proof of real estate and other assets owned, driver's license of all principals applying, proof of business ownership. There could be other documents or information requested as we are going through evaluating and pre-approval processes. We will assist you with the applications for each program applying for, where requested. You will have to physically or digitally sign applications for submission. 

Can I still get funded if my credit score is low?

We understand that credit can be a real concern for some when seeking a loan or  line of credit. We are lucky to have some great lending partners in our network that don't require a high credit score for qualifying for the fund you need. They can look at other factors to help you realize your funding goals. 

What are the rates and fees?

Most often we tell people that the rates are not the all end all. A low interest rate is often desirable, but you may not get approved for the total funds you may need or seek. Again, we look for the best total program scenario that is going to help you get you where you are going at the best rates available at that time. Rates given also many times depend on your credit worthiness and the combination of income and asset portfolio, in whole. Our fees are built into the loan or financing, so we never ask you for any application fee or upfront fees!! Fees that can be asked for or paid for usually has to do with attorney's fees, title and survey fees that need to be purchased in order to get a  final approval you if pertaining to real estate. May times, fees can be paid at the final closing. Hard money and private lending can  range anywhere from 6-12%

How fast can I get funded?

Getting funding quickly depends on how timely you get us the requested information needed for your funding request. We have had approvals done within 24 hours and from 3-5 days. It can take longer, but only depending on the funding and information required for pre- approval and closing.

Other FAQs

You  have questions, we have answers. We always look for a win-win situation in ever deal we assist in getting funded. If we can't get you qualified right away at your current situation, we will work with you with other services, If you elect, to put you in a better position so we can get you funded in the future.