Real Estate Services

A paralegal can do so much more … especially for the real estate industry.

CJC has collaborated with Law Office of Thomas W. Seeley, Jill Terry Law Firm, HomeSpace Technologies LLC and RGN Contractor Services

* We supply the home owner, real estate, mortgage and lender professional with services to support their needs.

  • Real Estate Closings: Notary Public/ Signing Agent Services

  • Inspections of all types: residential, commercial constructions, insurance, rentals, sales, home improvement, occupancy

  • Debris Removal – Interior/Exterior

  • Eviction Assistance

  • Lawn Services / Bush/ Weed Trimming

  • Mortgage Preservation Services

  • Securing Services

  • Snow Removal Services

  • Vacant Property Registrations/De-Registrations

  • Foreclosure and other Court Registrations

  • Appear for city or municipality meetings and hearings as a Rep.

  • Negotiate fines and reduce penalties received with proper authority

  • Provide a hotline number for city officials to contact  on your behalf 

  • Installation, Securing and repair of automatic pool/spa covers and winter covers (Vendor Dealer for APC (TM)

  • and Coverpools (TM)

  • Document Preparation of all Real Estate forms and documents, affidavits, etc.

  • Skip Tracing – Background Checks – NY DMV Checks

  • Judgment Enforcement

  • Debt Collections

  • Process Serving, Doc Retrieval, Court Filing, Court Research and more…

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