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 Divorce is an emotionally traumatic life event.  It can feel like your whole world is crumbling around you.  But it doesn’t have to lead to the complete destruction of your life and your relationship with your former spouse and your family.  We offer non-adversarial approaches to resolving the end of your marriage.  Mediation services available through Thomas W. Seeley Law Firm for those who need to work through issues.

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Sometimes things just don't turn out like we planned. 

We can assist you with a DIY uncontested divorce situation in NY. This means both parties are agreement to divorce and agreement to joint assets has been resolved.

We can provide you with the correct court forms, provide notary services and process serving, all that is necessary to make it a smooth transition for all involved. We  can assist by giving general information, but both parties usually opt out of having legal advice or an attorney represent their interests.

Throughout the divorce process, if you find an impasse occurs, we can try to mediate or you can elect to have Family Law attorneys in our Network *that can assist you to resolve and keep both parties out of the courtroom. That can be a costly situation and is not always a financially viable option for some. We encourage parties to use the mediation process first.

Our Mediation Legal Partner: Law Office of Thomas W. Seeley

Family Law Representation: Jill Terry Law Firm

CJC assist those who seek an uncontested divorce in new york

CJC assist those who seek an uncontested divorce in new york